Monday, September 24, 2007

Between the Pages

I have just bought about 1000 books. They are currently covering just about every spare inch of floor space in the flat and it has been a whole weekend's work just to go through them and sort out the good stuff from the chaff.
There has indeed been some good stuff though. Among the treasures are a couple of shelves-worth of naval history and biography, a selection of books by and about Churchill and T. E. Lawrence, large numbers of British topographical books, a selection of 'books about books' and individual items such as an 1845 edition of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and an early edition of Conan Doyle's A Study in Scarlet... and others too numerous to mention.
It transpired quite early in the process of going through them though that the household from which they came was one for putting things in books. It put me in mind of a recent post on the excellent Feuilleton blog by John Coulthart, who is kind enough to comment here occasionally. So, without wishing to get into a "mine's bigger than yours competition", I thought I'd follow his lead and focus on some of the things which have fallen out from between the pages. Where something is clearly related to the book in quiestion I have left it alone but this is the detritus so far...
Some edited highlights follow...

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John C said...

Hehe, an amazing haul and it's great to see someone else documenting this kind of ephemera. The tickets remind me that I placed a 1976 London Underground ticket in a book somewhere but its location eludes me.

What's most surprising is the way so much of this stuff survives various moves and removals and shelf browsing.

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