Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who's This?

This is R's latest accquisition (top) - I think I mentioned in an earlier post that he has a penchant for landscapes with brown mountains and portraits of unidentified women - a painting by Sonia Mervyn who was apparently something big in The Pastel Society.

He's convinced it is a portrait of the rather famous personage below. If you detect a note of barely concealed derision in my tone then you may guess that I'm not so convinced but we thought we might open it up to debate.

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Thevina said...

It probably reflects on my rather unfortunate yank-ism of my heritage I wish I didn't have, but I have no idea who the woman is in the non-pastel painting pictures. She's attractive, but I don't have a clue. I do see the resemblance, though; I'm with R on that.

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