Thursday, August 09, 2007

Spot the Difference

My boyfriend is a little star! Of course, I am bound to say that from time to time but when he decided to go back to Brighton for the day on Tuesday he proved it beyond all doubt. There is a subtle difference between the two books above. Both are first UK editions of Tracy Chevalier's Girl With the Pearl Earring look very closely however, and you will notice there is a difference. When the book was originally published there was a mistake on the jacket. This was then withdrawn and the mistake corrected creating an instantly collectable book. The book on the right is the first state (with the mistake) the book on the left is the second state corrected version. You can buy the second state for £5-£20 like any modern first edition. The misprinted copy however, is currently retailing at about £300.

R found the copy on the right in a real bona fide bookshop (who ought to have known better) for less than the price of the normal edition.

The picture below should make the difference much clearer for those who are a little perplexed!


Thevina said...

You're a lucky, lucky man, and your b-f was incredibly fortunate to have stumbled across such a find!! :)

clixchix said...

Now we'll all be out there looking! I bet this is one-off though. Not much chance of finding a cache of them under a table in a remaindered book shop! Well done Russell!

John C said...

Yes indeed, there's something new to watch out for in the South Manchester charity shops

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