Friday, August 10, 2007

A Present

In the same bookshop as below, R picked up and flicked through the book pictured here. In the way that passages catch the eye, he thought he detected the whiff of something homoerotic and bought it for me as a present. On the way home he began to wonder. The bonds between soldiers described in war poetry is, after all, often and easily confused with the tang of the queer so perhaps he had simply found a War Poet.

He came home and presented the book and began to read some of the poems aloud. And as he does so, not only does it become clear that his first instinct was correct but I am also flicking through the pages of The Male Homosexual in Literature. A Bibliography - and sure enough there are two books by Dunstan Thompson listed, this one and Poems.

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Thevina said...

You are fortunate indeed in your boyfriend! He's found you some great finds of late. Thanks for sharing this one; you'll get me up to speed on queer writers of older eras yet. :)

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