Sunday, August 05, 2007

Brighton Pride 2007

As summer finally arrived and temperatures broke into the 80s for the first time this year, R and I headed off to Brighton for the annual Pride March and party in the park. Brighton is an odd kind of place, trading for years on its bohemian reputation, a kind of Soho-by-the-sea, it's always a pleasure rambling through 'The Lanes' - a selection of arty/lefty/antiquey/new-agey kinds of shops, which is what we spent a little time doing when we arrived in the morning before heading off to find a good spot next to the parade route.

A few observations:

An old couple on the train from Portsmouth obviousy off to Brighton on a shopping trip becoming very very slowly aware of the crowded nature of the train and the colourful nature of those occupying it with them. The singing of a chorus of 'I am what I am' from further up the carriage and the loud Dame Edna impersonations still not quite tipping them off. Eventually, getting off at Brighton (where even the station staff look queer) one says to another - "I just heard someone say it was a gay day in Brighton today"

Almost as lovely as the little old lady reolutely waiting for her bus - despite the fact that the road was closed for the duration of the parade - with two lively lesbians standing on the bus shelter seat next to her - see photo!

Not exactly a massive celebrity moment but stood next to TV interior designer Oliver Heath for a while at the roadside - too shy to say hello.

A wiry, short, cheeky-faced punk with a strip of red hair down the centre of his otherwise shaved head arrived near us for a while, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and a dog lead - the other end of which was in the hand of the fattest, most disgustingly sweaty looking old bloke you or I have seen in a long while... Many many minutes spent wondering about what kind of relationship (or transaction) was going on between the two of them!

In the park for the party, 130,000 people, making it the biggest LGBT park event in Europe. Scortchingly hot and reinvented the truth behind the phrases - 'a sea of bodies'. The crowd scene photo below was not even a half of the park!

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