Saturday, August 18, 2007

Book Covers

Today has mostly been a day of creating covers for books, the content of which I am still waiting for or finalising. Twelve covers for The Colt and The Porcupine special state, which are looking rather fine I think with their marbled paper covered boards, and gold line. There will be labels too but I'm still working out what I think will work best in that regard.

Also, trying to get ahead of the game somewhat, I have started in on making the covers for the ordinary edition of Raven 5 which are in a rather sumptuous Cadbury's Purple. I include the picture here for Thevina, whose passion is not Frederick Rolfe but the colour purple - I beg your pardon - the color purple!
PS. John C. The 'phallic' creature is, we think, a Giraffe. On the way to Cardiff we took a detour up to Tetbury, home of the antique shop. And, as if to prove that not everything we buy is got for pennies and sold for thousands, R saw this for £1 on a shelf in the basement - and it's probably not even worth that! But R loved it, and what you can't see very well in the pictures is the rather endearing carved face. The woman behind the counter thought it was a "mountain goat"! Thev. The Bottom Line is a little book published and distributed free by The Terrance Higgins Trust, a UK based HIV charity. I picked up both these in a gay pub in Cardiff and they were included in the scrapbook to give a hint that we spent a little time on 'the scene' while we were there.

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