Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Whistler by Panayiotis Kalorkoti
This is an etching, signed and titled by the artist from a numbered edition. We have two of these (see below) but the whole series can be seen here, and the is a little more about the artist here.
R found these two in a fairly dreadful state in a junk shop. The owner had obviously done a little internet search and decided they were worth a bit and was asking a ridiculous price. The frames and glass were broken and the prints were (and still are a little) wavy with damp. We went back to the same shop many times and dug through the rubble to see if they were still there - and they always were. Eventually, when they had been in the shop a couple of years R asked again about the price and it had miraculously dropped by an enormous amount so we decided to give them a home. These two are by far the biggest pieces we have on the walls in the living room - the prints themselves - which take most of the space behind the mount are roughly 60cm x 70cm. Sadly, at such a size it was also a while before we could afford to have them reframed but I framed them recently - the linen slip is a nod to their origin in the 80s! - and they now sit proudly on the wall. I've never been as fond of these as R but they do grown on you.

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