Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Undergound Icon by Trademark. Screen print.

Okay, so this post begins with a bit of a cheat. This is a picture which 'normally' hangs in the living room. He's actually been taken down for a while to allow space for some of the others you'll see below.

His story? Well, way back in the 1990s (remember them) R and I were living in London and there was a shop in Compton Street in Soho which had these for sale; there were two editions of the same picture, one in blue and one in pink. R couldn't get enough of them and eventually I bought this one for him. It was, and may still be, the most expensive present I have ever bought but, I think, worth it.

Trademark is the pseudonym of a graphic artist best known for his groundbreaking work producing flyers for the huge London gay club 'Heaven'. We keep discovering his real name, making a note of it, and then loosing it again so if anyone can remind us we'd be grateful.

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clixchix said...

This is really annoying, because I once knew the name of the artist, but I just can't dredge it from my memory banks. His graphic design for the club Heaven was certainly iconic, and there was an article about his work in either Gay Times or Attitude. I recall a very sexy image of the profiles of two young men facing each other, a glistening rope of water arcing from one open mouth to the other.

'Underground Ikon' is certainly an arresting image, and I can understand why anyone would fall for it!

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