Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some Books

I happened to have a selection of my books lying around recently and realised that this publishing lark has become more than a 'flash in the pan' idea. This is by no means a photo of all my titles but seeing a selection of them together I am suddenly very proud of them as a 'body of work'.

I don't think when I started this over two years ago I would ever have imagined having such a range and number of titles.


Thevina said...

You have every right to feel proud of that collection!! I sometimes feel that sense of satisfaction and a bit of awe wondering when it all happened when I look at my drawer of fanfiction, much less the succession of stories at my website...

Beautiful work, my friend. I'm glad that you're achieving such success in that endeavor!

jgodsey said...

keep it up

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