Monday, July 30, 2007

Productive Trip

An unexpectedly productive trip to Alton yesterday. Three book purchases. I've blogged before about the wonder which is Gollancz vintage yellow-backed fiction - one of those things which, like Penguins, look particularly good when seen en masse. Plus, I have a long-term science-fiction habit which needs to be nourished. So, not only did I discover a completely unknown, to me, secondhand and antiquarian bookshop in Alton but on its shelves... two new Gollancz books which I had to have.

Meanwhile in the bookshop which I already knew about R dug out A Wicked Pack of Cards, which you don't have to be an expert shopper to realise is a gay-themed novel. How camp is that cover! In fact it was published by The Guild Press in Washington which made quite a splash for itself publishing some fairly risque material in the 1960s.

So, not only did I manage to augment the already straining bookshelves but it also turned out to be a glorious day to be driving through the Hampshire countryside and wandering around a pretty little town with the love of me life.


John C said...

Wow, weird coincidence since I just posted a Gollancz book of my own a couple of hours ago and I can spot one of its sequels--The Farthest Shore--in your haul there. I had all three of the original Gollancz Earthsea books but a friend borrowed that one and I haven't seen it for years. Not a bad novel but I prefer A Wizard of Earthsea, it's a masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

I need that LeGuin in hardcover myself!


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