Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Ink on Paper

PS. Sorry I've not had a chance to say thanks recently to those who've posted comments here or emailed in reponse to various posts I've made on this blog. John C: That was quite a coincidence... not least because I actually have the last two of the trilogy and not the first which you posted - but well spotted on the edge of the picture there. I do still visit yours everyday and your blog has to be the place which has added the most bookmarks to my favourite list, every week or so another post of yours provides me with a new favourite artist-of-the-moment. Thevina: I know you're a Live Journal girl at heart so it's very sweet of you to pop in here from time to time: as you can see I've moved away from the collage and back to straightforward monoprinting this evening. Clixchix: You're in the same boat as me with not being able to remember the real name of the artist 'Trademark' - it's so infuriating: I was really glad to hear that the exhibition opening went so well.


Thevina said...

I'm about to stumble into one of my "I can't believe how incredibly talented my friends are" raves if I'm not careful. Your ink sketches are beautiful! I knew you did some drawing, but hadn't realized how talented you are. And don't 'pooh-pooh' me, as I'm sure you are in your head. Or out loud. ;) Now that I know you're an artist as well as an author and bookbinder and framer and liver of a colourful, thoughtful life, I'd be inclined to commission you to illustrate some of my fic! Though I could never pay you what you're worth. Certainly not with money only. *g*

John C said...

That's okay Callum, been very busy myself recently and have a hard enough time replying to comments on my own postings.

I'm consistently impressed by how creative the pair of you are, it's a shame more can't follow your example. So many people I know claim to be untalented while never bothering to find what talents they may possess, or they fill their time shopping, drinking and watching TV then complain about boredom and feeling unfulfilled. They're often resistant to argument so leading by example seems the better option, which is exactly what you're doing.

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