Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Life Drawing. Charcoal on paper.
This chap has appeared before on this blog but unframed. R and I went to the 'works on paper' exhibition at the R.A. and found they were running a 'drawing swap'; you pitch up and do a drawing using the materials provided, or you bring one along and when done you stick it on the wall and swap it for a receipt. At the end of the day you return and trade in your receipt for any one of the drawings on the wall. Many were those that had been done on the day but some were obviously 'stock'. R and I both found life drawings by the same woman - whose name escapes me at the moment - from the early 20th Century. R's drawing will feature when we get to the 'landing and stairs' part of this series of posts. I framed him up in an old frame which I renovated and mounted him (!) using a new technique (to me) which I rather like which involves a tiny, tiny strip of gold paper poking from under the mount.

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