Monday, July 23, 2007

Ink and Paper

As the rain continued to fall, sometimes in sheets, sometimes in fine threads, this afternoon was passed inking-up paper to create collages from. The ink takes a good 24 hrs to dry completely on the paper so the sheets are still strewn over the living room floor ready to play properly tomorrow. However, with two sheets (the first two illustrated below) I half-deliberately tried to conjure up some landscapes. These two sheets will, I am sure, end up being cut and torn to make collages later in the week but, encouraged a little by the way they looked I then took some old monoprints of no merit whatsoever and played a little more deliberately with creating a collage landscape. It is only a tiny little thing but I have enjoyed putting it together and it's all good practise for the rather more focussed attempt I plan to have later in the week at putting together something more substantial.

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Thevina said...

I love your collaging art!! I imagine the process both of the inking and then the ripping/cutting and putting back together in a new way is creatively nourishing. Very, very cool.

Also lovely to have heard your storm when it was happening, whilst still across the pond. :)

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