Monday, July 09, 2007

Black and White Boy

My friends at The Old Stile Press have been beavering away at their latest - a beautiful rendering of Black Marigolds, known as 'one of the most beautiful love poems ever written'. The images have been created by Glenys Cour and as the progress the book has been charted on the OSP blog, I've been more and more enchanted by them and, in particular, the method used to create them. I tried once before to play with that method and the rather unsatisfactory results were blogged here earlier in the year. Tonight, because I was sent an early copy of the electronic prospectus for the book (and because R was ensconced in front of the computer), I had another go, using the same basic figure as before. Clearly this is utterly derivative on my part and not a patch on the experienced and skillful collage work of Glenys Cour but I can't help thinking that there might be something for me in this method of creating images if I can find a way of making it my own.

And, my rather obsessive brain gets off on the finicky and painstaking work involved in this kind of cutting and glueing!

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