Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another Raven Flies

The latest in The Raven Series of monographs by Robert Scoble has just been let loose on the world. In its normal special state of 12, the book sold-out in record time.

Raven 4: Justus Stephen Serjeant tells the story of the eponymous Serjeant who was Rolfe's last benefactor. It is often said that Rolfe died in poverty in Venice. In fact, this is inaccurate. When Rolfe died he was enjoying one of the few periods of his life when money and a reasonable standard of living was available to him. This was largely due at that time to Serjeant. It has always been something of a puzzle to Corvine scholars why an otherwise anonymous and unremarkable man like Serjeant might have become involved with Rolfe at all and this is one of the questions addressed in the monograph. It also contains, in its special state, the text of the various Deeds of Assignment made between Serjeant and A. J. A. Symons for the rights to many of Rolfe's works, then unpublished.
As always Robert Scoble has done a fantastic job creating an easily readable narrative out of a vast amount of detailed research.

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