Monday, June 11, 2007

The Walk for Life 2007

One of the lovely things about this weekend was the fact that following Equus I was booked with a friend into a hotel for the night, which obviously meant that instead of the sudden rush to Waterloo to ensure not missing the last train, it was possible to wander around the heart of London at night soaking up the atmosphere. The overnight stay was because come the morning R and I and others were joining up to take part in the annual Walk For Life, a six mile (10k) sponsored walk around central London in aid of HIV/AIDS charities around the world and in the UK. Sunday was roastingly hot in London, and humid. The walk, all of which was on concrete, was physically painful by the end and exhausting but nonetheless, thoroughly enjoyable and took us past an enormous range of iconic London landmarks, the kinds of places one doesn’t normally go near if one knows London well. So below are the edited highlights of the walk.

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Thevina said...

Oh, these pictures are wonderful!! I'm so glad that you posted them. It does seem strange to imagine London sunny and hot, but you have the proof. Thanks so much for sharing the photos; seems as though you saw quite a lot during the 10K.

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