Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Saints and Beasts

The artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins has been working hard these last few months - that may be something of an understatement! Well worth going to look over his latest offerings which are four (of eventually seven) paintings on the theme of saints and beasts (of the animal kind). In particular I would draw your attention to the story of Herve and the Wolf which is a little known but very haunting piece of hagiography and can be found under one of the images of the saint on Clive's site.


Thevina said...

His paintings are quite vivid and the imagery has stuck with me since you sent that link a few days ago. The Hervé legend is totally new to me, but I can sense it becoming part of a story at some point... I suspect his works are simply glorious in real life, color-wise.

clixchix said...

Thanks for posting the link Callum. I'm in the final stages of painting, but gosh does the clock seem to ticking faster than it normally does!

Love, C

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