Saturday, June 02, 2007

Nor Let Me Die...

Have spent the evening involved in a personal project for fun only. I've written before about the fact that I enjoy slash fiction and have shown off a couple of 'one-off' books I have made of other people's slash stories. In fact, they have been 'two-off' as I have so far made one for the author and one for me as a way of encouraging the authors to be well-disposed towards signing my copy.

I recently wrote a long slash story of my own which seems to have gone down very well in the world of slash-fiction - and believe me, it's a whole world of its own! And as I was rather proud of the story, I thought I would create a couple of hard-copy, hard-bound books - just the two: one for me and one for the dedicatee, the woman who helped with editing, proofing and provided a general welcome to the status of slash-writer.

The book is bound, for the first time in my experience, with proper endpapers and in Cockerell marbled papers on the boards, with Zerkell mould-made paper on the inside for the text. The layout follows the rules of Jan Tischold which I like to think of as the 'Dark Art of Geometry'. (Thank you NMcD for the initiation).

As always, these one-off personal projects are done with more commercial versions in mind.

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