Monday, May 07, 2007

Willard Price: The Articles

Price was above all else, a journalist. With the resources available to me therefore it would be impossible at the moment to detail his every article and contribution. The following are simply those which I have come across in the course of researching these notes.

‘Japan’s New Outposts’ Harper’s Magazine October 1935.

‘Mysterious Micronesia. Yap, Map and Other Islands Under Japanese Mandate are Museums of Primitive Man’ National Geographic. Vol. 69, No. 4, pp.481-510, April 1936.

‘Jappanning China’ Harper’s Magazine January 1937.

‘Grand Canal Panorama’ National Geographic Vol. 71, No. 4, pp.487-514, April 1937

‘Korea From a Nunnery Window’ Harper’s Magazine October 1937.

‘By Felucca Down the Nile. Giant Dams Rule Egypt’s Lifeline River’ National Geographic. Vol. 77 No.4, April 1940.

‘America’s Enemy No. 2.’ Harper’s Magazine April 1942.

‘Hidden Key to the Pacific. Piercing the Web of Secrecy Which Long Had Veiled Japanese Bases in the Mandated Islands’ National Geographic. Vol.81 No.6, June 1942.

‘Unknown Japan. A Portrait of the People Who Make Up One of the Two Most Fanatical Nations in the World’ National Geographic Vol. 82, No. 2, pp.222-252, August 1942.

‘Japan Faces Russia in Manchuria’ National Geographic. Vol.82, No.5, pp.603-634, November 1942
‘The Men Who Drive Japan’ Harper’s Magazine December 1942.

‘Americans on the Babary Coast’ National Geographic. Vol.84 No.5, July 1943.

‘Springboards to Tokio’ National Geographic. November 1944.

‘Jap Rule in the Hermit Nation’ National Geographic. November 1945.

‘Cruising Japan’s Inland Sea. Voyaging Americans Brave Whirlpools and Tide Rips to Explore the Secluded Beauty of an Island World’ National Geographic. Vol. 104, No. 5, pp.619-650, November 1953.

‘England. The Thames Mirrors England’s Varied Life’ National Geographic. Vol. 144, pp.45-94, July 1958.

‘The Upper Mississippi Between Lake Itasca and Cairo, Old Man River Grows Up’ National Geographic Vol. 114, No. 5, pp.651-699, November 1958.

‘Henry Hudson’s River’ National Geographic. Vol.121 No. 3, pp.364-403, March 1962.

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