Friday, May 04, 2007


I often wonder if there is an element of pygmalianism in my complicated make-up. I find, rooting through the 'miscellaneous' boxes at a postcard fair, that I am unreasonably drawn to the photo postcards of statuary around the world, postcards that nobody wants and can be bought for peanuts. I often think, if I could bring myself to start yet another collection, that a beautiful assortment of these could be had really very cheaply, and often the postcard format is the only format in which these artworks are recorded and published.

Obviously, so much better in the flesh, or marble or bronze...

...and statues are incredibly difficult things to photograph... witness an increasingly large collection of photos on my harddrive where my ethusiasm for a piece of statuary has outweighed my photographic ability... imagine my delight opening these rather uninspiring looking covers and finding the mist sumptuous photos of Michaelangelo's Pieta at about 8"x10" and meltingly photographed. This must once have been a slightly up-market tourist item from Rome and it came to me in a lot of stuff some while ago now. I haven't yet been able to bring myself to sell it but I suspect that posting these photos here may well bring about the necessary 'closure' and it'll go under the ebay hammer soon.

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John C said...

My big Phaidon book of Michelangelo has some wonderful photos of the Pieta, and of his other works. A shame that you can't get to see it very well in St Peter's without being jostled aside by the tourist hordes.

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