Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Photo Restoration

Restoring old photos to something like their former glory is a hobby which, on occasion, I have turned to my financial advantage. Occasionally I find something in a box of material just purchased which I like to put aside as a challenging project. This rather charming photograph was one such. Really very badly damaged but a lovely scene of whole families out on the beach dragging in the nets.

These are two smaller resolution images from the ones I've been working on: before and after... of course, they won't be done until I have a professionally printed hard-copy of the 'after' to go with my original photo, the 'after' photo isn't perfect but one of the things I have learnt with this is knowing when to stop. And it's only a bit of fun after all...


John C said...

Oh, nice work. As I expect you can imagine, I'm rather over-qualified for this kind of Photoshoppery. I made a post a while back about a show-off piece I'd done where I disappeared some people from an old photograph of Prague. I've got the original as a PSD file with the altered copy under the original; it's always fun to show people the street as it was then click off the top layer and hear their gasps as the figures blink out of sight.


Thevina said...

That's really astounding! I didn't know that you did that kind of work, though it doesn't surprise me. I'd love to sit next to you, computer to computer and see you at work in Photoshop. I did my best (and only, aside from self-taught) learning that way. Very nicely done. And an interesting picture, too.

Glad that you liked the Russian postcard! I should've provided a phonetic pronunciation for you, as I studied Russian, hence the trip to the Soviet Union in 1991. ;)

Dan Allen said...

Beautiful work! I do that kind of thing in the US and find it fascinating.



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