Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gifts from Salisbury

R has today been to Salisbury to visit a friend and I insisted on getting a present - he never brings me presents back when he goes away and I think it's a habit he should get into!! So, delightfully, I get two lovely photos appended here for your pleasure as well.
Apart from the sheer fabulousness of that dress. I'm also struck by how 'out of time' the lad in the top photo looks. I could easily see him slouching on the corner of a British council housing estate in his hoody!

1 comment:

porcelain skull said...

in your dreams honey,

ive a photograph quite similar on my windowsill but im going to rid it out soon,

theres an odd feeling about it, its incroaching, so he has to go,

potrait photograph is so odd, sometimes the glance just keeps rippling and never leaves, you know ?

love, alex.x

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