Thursday, May 10, 2007

An Easter Gift?

This really is posted here for Thevina who professed a little while ago a fascination with standing stones and with the momunments of Easter Island. This is one of a number of copper plate prints that have recently passed trough my hands. They are folio sized and clearly from one of only a few late 18th Century books of that size which dealt with great circumnaviagtions. I haven't been able to pin down exactly which book as they came to me incomplete and disbound. Still, they were nice things to have for a while. What I love about this one, and you may have to enlarge it to see, is the nonchalant way a pile of bones has been placed in the foreground! Sorry I couldn't send you the real thing Thev!

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Thevina said...

That's absolutely marvelous!! I'm intrigued both by the loincloths but also that rather inexplicable small set of bones at the foreground... the sculptures seem a bit on the small size in the picture, but that's probably a perspective thing. I can't imagine what it could have been like, going there in the 1700s. Thank you so much for treating me to a picture of the folio pic! I hope that the person who bought it enjoys it.

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