Friday, April 13, 2007

Atelier Callum

For some few years R and I have been moving from one small flat to another and a great deal of our 'stuff' was deposited in my parent's garage. Our current flat is the biggest, nicest and most long-standing for a long time and so most of that 'stuff' has slowly found its way back to us.

There was a time, before digital photography got good, when I was something of an amateur photographer and had the room and resources to keep a dark-room up and running in the house and some of the products of that period recently got dragged out of the garage and I've had a wondeful time flicking through hundreds of photos. The upshot of my afternoon of tripping down memory lane is this little studio exhibition below.

PS. Thank you to all my blog-friends for staying in touch despite my recent long silence on this blog and via email. John, thank you in particular for your long and insighful comment on the post below. I hope that I can be a better long-distance, e-friend to you all again now.

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John C said...

Gosh, great pictures! The grain of film has a magic that digital lacks although I have ways of faking that in Photoshop. But then there's the action of light on film also, something a CCD inside a digital camera struggles to match.

That aside, you have "an eye", I'd encourage you to do more of this. I never got to do photography properly, was always too costly during my poverty-stricken days.

No need to apologise, either, been going through a very busy period myself, barely managed to sustain the blogging discipline.

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