Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Word Museum

Courtesy of The Word Museum. The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten. by Jeffrey Kacirk.

nazzle: A child who has been guilty of deceptive practices is termed a 'little nazzle'. Never applied to the male sex.

froonce: To go about in an active, bustling manner.

gaberlunzie: A mendicant; a poor guest who cannot pay for his entertainment.

quanked: Overpowered by fatigue.

snoutfair: A person with a handsome countenance.

conskite: To befoul with ordure, as when one's bowels are loosed with fear.

ostentiferous: That which brings monsters or strange sights.

knevel: The moustache. The hair on the upper lip was worn for ages before the modern, and now the only, name for the thing was borrowed from the Spanish. The word is now entirely obsolete, but pure English.

mastigophorer: A fellow worthy to be whipped.

parnel: A priest's mistress. A punk, a slut; the dimintive of [Italian] petronella.

dwang: To oppress with too much labour.

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