Saturday, March 10, 2007

Roden Noel: Ganymede and Bacchus

This is the latest project underway. A little like the Porcelain Boy project, this one has taken a lot of time to get going. This is going to be my first attempt at a 'flagship' piece of printing. The text consists of two poems by Roden Noel, a little known, difficult, sensuous and rewarding Victorian poet who was bisexual and whose poetry, in just a few place radiates a 'gay sensibility'. Having said that, from his prolific output only a few of his poems have any real homoerotic content. These, I believe, are the last two which haven't already been published as single items (of course, The Old Stile Press have done a couple, of which the most beautiful was The Waternymph and the Boy). Along with the two poems in my book I am also printing the short 'case history' which details Roden Noel's sexuality from Havelock Ellis's Sexual Inversions and providing a short introductory piece about Noel and his work.

The pictures below are the unbound pages from the first mock-up of the book. It is going to be in the same format at the one-off I did (and botched) a little while ago. I am going to use a patterned paper, blue on blue, with a feather motif that I designed and posted here some time ago. I haven't yet decided whether to offer a small part of the edition in hardcover and then a 'booklet' state as well or whether to simply work on and off for quite a while producing the whole edition casebound. The illustrations are printed straight from blocks created by the artist.

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