Saturday, March 10, 2007

Revamp of Callum James Books

Plans, plans, plans...

I'm hoping in the next week or so to have a revamp of 'Callum James Books' my little publishing company. The website is looking a little scrappy at the moment I fear and needs updating and tidying up. I've also created a 'list of titles' in a small 8 page loosely folded booklet which I'm going to send to all previous customers. One doesn't like to impose what many people might consider 'junk mail' but I have not done it before and don't intend to do it often so I would hope that most people who receive it wouldn't mind. I'm also going to make it available as a *pdf file to send to enquirers. The font on the front is my new favourite of the moment called 'Felix Tilting' - very stone-carving feel to it

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