Friday, March 23, 2007

A Paper in Search of a Print

A wonderful objet trouve today... three sheets of Cockerell marbled paper which I just had to have. It's not the patterning of this stuff but the feel of it too, the sense that your fingers are touching a thick layer of ink on the surface of the paper. Of course, it begs the question of what to do with it. There is just about enough to make covers for a small booklet - about 24mo - in an equally small edition of about 25. But in a booklet so small the text would have to be bijoux also so the hunt is on for something to fill the insides of this wonderful paper.

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Thevina said...

Somehow I hadn't quite realized that you have a paper fetish as I do. I don't often indulge, and end up simply hoarding bits and snatches of things (atlas pages, tissue paper, calendars, books being thrown out from libraries), but let me just say that I relate to your joy of texture and color. That paper is quite striking, and the booklet you made I'm sure suited it well.

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