Saturday, March 24, 2007

Randwick Woods

Randwick Woods and Other Pieces
by Leonard Green

Not yet ready for distribution but here's a first glance at the little booklet I've made out of the paper I found the other day. It became obvious to me, when I stopped to think about it, that the colouring of the paper and the slightly old-fashioned feel that it would have, made a perfect cover for three little pieces by a Uranian writer called Leonard Green who wrote a little book called Dream Comrades in the middle of World War One in which he melded his love of youth, his love of is native Gloucestershire and his horror at the loss of so many young lives on Flanders' fields. One of the lovely things about working in the way I do with computer, a box of tools and some space on the living-room floor is that I can do things quickly and spontaneously. So, needing a break from some other (and more important work) late last night I sat down with cutting mat, paper, computer, text (already typed some time ago) and played until this appeared.

Still some tweaking and proofing to do and because of the limited amount of material there will only ever be 12 of these. I always put 'privately printed' on the colophon of my books but that is not entirely true since, apart from the lack of an ISBN number they are now all pretty much 'published' in the same way that any other book is and distributed publically. The 'privately printed' is a hang over from days when this was almost entirely a hobby but I keep it now as a nod to the fact that I still don't feel like a 'professional' printer/publisher. This project, however, being so small in number, may indeed be much more truely a 'private' publication as I imagine that it may be distributed in a quieter way. We'll see...

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