Friday, March 16, 2007

More Postcards of Venice

This whole week has been a glorious burst of spring and today was no different. Feeling the heat of the sun on you, no matter how weak and white, is quite an uplifting experience and so it was great to be able to browse a few books and boxes on the forecourt of a bookshop today before plunging into the obligatory gloom of the shop itself. And wonder of wonders, a whole bundle of postcards of Venice. Normally I wouldn't consider postcards printed after 1930 being worthy of much attention let alone a few pennies, however, this bundle were really lovely reproductions of artwork of Venice. One of those things, like the book cover designs of certain publishers which, whilst simply ordinary when looked at as individuals, become something much more interesting when seen together in a group. Here are just a few of the load I came home with.

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death-hustler said...

Hello Callum,

There are so many wonderful things on your blog. It was a pleasure to stroll through your postcards of Venice. All the best.

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