Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Keith Vaughan and the Missing Boyfriend

Well, Russell has gone off on one of his visits to a friend in Bristol. This time he goes with the express purpose of seeing the Keith Vaughan exhibition at The Victoria Art Gallery in Bath. So yes, perhaps this time a little jealous. They write of the exhibition:

A major retrospective of work by Keith Vaughan, a member of the Neo-Romantic movement and one of Britain’s greatest artists of the post-war era opens soon at Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Victoria Art Gallery. The exhibition runs from Saturday, 3 February, 2007 to Sunday, 25 March and features some of Vaughan’s most important works of art, which express his feelings about the male body seen in relation to the landscape. The Gallery is delighted to display over 60 oil paintings, gouaches, sketchbooks and journals. It is Vaughan’s first museum exhibition for 26 years, and this show coincides with the 30th anniversary of hs death. The exhibits, generously lent by private collectors in Britain and France, include many of his most influential figure compositions, among them two of his nine Assembly paintings as well as The Return of the Prodigal Son and Reclining Nude 1950. Jon Benington, Manager of the Victoria Art Gallery, said: “Vaughan's paintings depicted "Man," often naked and usually too indistinct to be regarded as portraits, in relation to his environment. Implicit in much of his work was a sense of man as a homosexual in opposition to a hostile world.

“Like many gay men of his generation and class, Vaughan was troubled by insecurities about his sexuality. Much of what is known about his private life comes from his journals, which he began writing in August 1939 and continued until the morning of his death thirty-eight years later.” He added: “Two of Vaughan’s journals have also been borrowed for the show."

Russell phones this evening to say that they will also be going to look in on an exhibition of work by Robin Tanner! So, to make up a little for missing out I'm having my own small Keith Vaughan exhibition here. As far as I know most of these images below should be new to the Internet which, as I have mused on before, I rather enjoy as it means that eventually Google's spider programs will find them and bring the many who type in Vaughan's name to look at the unique offering here.

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