Saturday, March 03, 2007

...a book by its cover...

Here's a little wheeze - since I've been blogging a little about book cover design, here are six patterned papers used in book design which I have pulled off my shelves. Have a guess at author, title, or even just the date... I know of at least one reader of this blog who ought to be able to get two straight off, but I'd be surprised if anyone can get all of them. Sharing/knowing my particular interest in book-collecting may help on a number, but perhaps not all of them...

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Callum said...

OK, from top to bottom on the page:

1. Amico di Sandro by Frederick Rolfe, privately printed, 1951

2. Forrest Reid a letter to Edmund Gosse. The Reading Room Press, 2004

3. Last Poems by Brian Hill. Designed and printed at Daedalus Press, Stoke Ferry, 1969 and distributed by Fuller D'Arch Smith Ltd

4. The Quest for Corvo by AJA Symons. The Folio Society, London, 1952

5. Matthew Arnold. The Penguin Poets. 1954

6. The Adventure of Poetry by Frank Kendon. A&C Black, London, 1932. Something of a cheat this one as it is ridiculously obscure.

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