Sunday, February 25, 2007

Clive Hicks-Jenkins
2001, conté on paper, 122x153cm

Clive Hicks-Jenkins writes: “One of the last services I was able to perform for my father in the final stages of his illness, before he became unconscious, was to shave him. It was the first and the last time in our lives together that he was unable to do it for himself. We were both silent, and although I had to concentrate on the task, I was aware of his eyes locked on mine throughout”

I. Jesus is condemned to death

Man and man
are standing in the
white stone and high
columns of palaces.

Silence and frustration
hanging as the dust in
warm air circulates.

Questions about truth
are soft curls of
sunlight and silence,

and somewhere in the years
beyond this room and this judgement,

a million voices speak

with him

of injustice

in a blinding white silence.

From Stations of the Cross
By Callum James

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