Monday, February 12, 2007

The Einstein Intersection

Ace Books (F-427), New York, 1967

Delany's breakthrough novel and perhaps one of the most evocative of the Ace covers for his work, this one by Jack Gaughan. Elsewhere on the blog I have noted that there is another cover in white with an orange minotaur's head which is also credited to Jack Gaughan. This would appear to be a later printing in which Ace Books, with its usual cavalier attitude to such things, simply forgot to change the attribution to a different artist. The artists daughter was in touch with me at the time of the previous post to say that she agreed that second cover did not look much like her father's work. This cover, the genuine Gaughan not only respects the contents of the story but also, and it is rare to be able to say this about Ace Book covers, the typography is rather nicely done.

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