Sunday, February 25, 2007

Deposition III
Clive Hicks-Jenkins
2001, conté on paper, 122x153cm

I have stood before this painting where it hangs in a house in a Welsh valley at three o’clock in the morning and been lost in the tangle of the sheet and in the tangle of the lines or veins of the artist’s conté crayon and imprisoned in the exposed ribs of the horse. Standing in the dark again, in that massive presence. The picture, almost as large as a horse, tips your head back until you feel you might fall backwards like the man.

XIII. Jesus is taken down from the cross

Hard to hold for lightness,
floating to the ground in the
care of arms; guided like a feather

to rest:

the body.

Free from all weight, finally,
laid like a soft rag on the ground
here is the final proof

of God:

a body.

from Stations of the Cross
by Callum James

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