Monday, February 26, 2007

The Desire and Pursuit of the Whole

Frederick Rolfe, Baron Corvo

Cassell, London, 1934

And finally, although it stands alone in this small selection, and Cassell is not particularly known for its design or typographical kudos, whilst I was hooking things off the shelf I came on this by Frederick Rolfe, Baron Corvo and felt I had to include it as an example of beautifully spaced type with an extravagant use of a printers ornament (probably too elaborate to be just a printers ornament) which, seemed somehow appropriate.

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McDowalls said...

Absolutely fascinating post, my dear Callum, about those early dust-jackets. I agree they have a deliciously special feel about them - like so much good early 'printed ephemera'. . . which they were surely seen as, rather than the garish advertising tools of today.

That is certainly NOT a 'printer's flower' or 'stock block'. It is a wood engraving very much of the moment. Is it Ravilious, I wonder? I'm sure you can do the research!


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