Monday, January 22, 2007

Venice Photos and Ideas

Once I had finished 'work' at the collectors' fair today I had a brief look through some of the postcard stalls. One or two of the things I was hoping to find eluded me but I came away with four new real-photo postcards of Venice - which is a remarkably cheap subject to collect in postcard form I have discovered - presumably because so many were sent. I thought that they were all rather nice images.

And here's an idea for a future publication...

If someone suggested a book titled 'Postcards from Venice' I suppose one would obviously think of a book of vintage images, like these. But it struck me today that it might be fun to create a collection of postcards of Venice which have been written and sent home and to use the texts of these to create the book. Sadly none of the four I bought today had been written but I must consider this next time I decide to brave a fair.

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