Monday, January 29, 2007

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Well, a little while ago I confessed a liking for slash fiction and Harry Potter slash fiction in particular. And as the same time as I was undergoing this resurgence in my slash interests I decided it would be cool, seeing as how I can bind my own books now, to have a collection of unique, signed erotica. Those pieces that one see around the internet from time to time which stand out from the crowd; those pieces you want to read more than once and have something about them which reads better than the normal one-handed rubbish. So, some months ago I made a start with a great little piece of HP slash by a wonderful author (and person) who goes by the monika 'Thevina' and I produced two copies of her story 'Never Break the Chain' as a hardcover book. one for her and one for her to sign and send back to me as the beginning of my collection. This was a good start - the book was quite reasonably produced but nothing exceptional. It gave me a chance to experiment with different forms of binding and decoration. I decided that I would contine and use each new story as a chance to experiment with things which I might then use in a more commercial way at a later stage.

The second story that I got author agreement to do was 'Parseltongue-Tied' which is something of a classic in the HP slash world. It has taken weeks of printing and experimenting to come up with the final look of the book and I was thinking, till tonight, that this was a pretty damn good look too! However, tonight was the night for fixing the text-block into the case-cover and, for a variety of reasons I won't bore you with in detail, the whole thing is pretty buggered now. The outside, I think, still looks pretty good, but I fluffed the maths by a few millimetres and the damn things won't open properly now. Yes, they open, you can read the text, but the hinge on the covers was not long enough and so open the book too quickly or too wide and you are likely to rip it apart. Damn! Damn! Damn! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

There's very little I can do to fix this and I don't have the material or time resources to start again from scratch so now I have to find a way of telling Dementor that I shall be sending a sub-standard book...

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