Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Rare Book Review

It's always nice to see one's name in print! My friend, Corvine scholar, (and one of my authors) Robert Scoble, recently published an article in The Rare Book Review about the bibliography of Frederick Rolfe's poem, Tarcissus.

It is a complicated bibliography inasmuch as the poem has appeared in print seven times since including Rolfe's original self-published booklet in around 1880. It has, perhaps not suprisingly, failed to find any significant place in anthologies excepting the Collected Poems of Frederick Rolfe himself, although, because of the rareity of the original, there has been one facsimile and one, if not forgery, then slightly dubious edition. The last time it was printed was by me, so I'm very gratified to see that I get a mention at the end of the article. That's quite an honour for someone who is very new to the bookdealing and publishing world and started his publications as little more than a hobby only a couple of years ago.

I always find exposure in the world of 'the big boys' a little scary - but very exciting too. It was noticable that the hit counter on my website took a jump after the article was published and I'm sure a number of orders (not for Tarcissus but for other Corvine items) have come my way recently which are probably on the back of that short paragraph.

PS. Thanks to Atheist, Alex and Ben for dropping by. Atheist, it was very kind of you to say nice things about my writing over at Silver Birch Junction. Alex (Porcelain Skull) I haven't forgotten you, I have sent that email we keep talking about but the man's not replied yet! Ben, I know you're intrigued by R's five pound challenge and there will be more on that soon I promise.


Nicolas said...

We were very excited when your name jumped out of that mag - way back in 2006. I had meant to say so but the whole Christmas fog descended. I will get an email off asap. Best wishes for 2007 to you both

Ben said...

Thanks. I will look forward to the £5 challenge update. And well done on the mention in RBR!

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