Friday, January 19, 2007

The Last of Tarcissus...

...for a while. In 1971, Victor Hall at The Victim Press (Vic=Victor; Tim=Timothy[d'Arch Smith]) produced a facsimile of the first edition of Frederick Rolfe's Tarcissus. It was enclosed within a white card which had printed on the inside an illustration by the Belgian artist Gaston Goor. Goor was a jobbing illustrator who was taken under the wing of the French bibliophile, collector and old-school diplomat Roger Peyrefitte. Under Peyrefitte's patronage Goor produced many, many works of Uranian interest, and there are some extremely elaborate concoctions of artwork and cases and books available at high prices still today - many of them rather explicit. This piece is not one of his better drawings but it has a certain charm and a relevance to my recent blogging.

Time to leave Tarcisius/Tarcissus for a while...

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Anonymous said...

Interesting... I am trying to collect as much of Gaston Goor as I can. I wish we could get something published, but according to David Diess of Elysium Press, that is not possible because the nature of his work... a Pity. Because it is HOT and good (from my perspective!).
But what about your books. What is available. I can't seem to access your books given the link on this page. Love to hear from you.


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