Sunday, December 03, 2006

R's Five Pound Challenge Update

Those of you with reasonable memories will recall that I set my partner a challenge in September to see if he could turn £5 into £500 using Ebay. On his first attempt (see this blog: 21st September) he managed to raise his £5 to £7.35. This time, after a trip to an antiques and collectables fair in Fareham he found three items totalling £7 - a high risk strategy because if one of them fails to sell then he will be down and if they all fail to sell he's going to have to start from 35p!! Still, the three items are due to finish on Ebay in a couple of days and here they are below for those who are interested in seeing how he does...

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Ben said...

Good choices by R I think. What did the items realise?

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