Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Door Knockers of Rabat

I know, it's a strange thing to take photos of on holiday but I thought they were sufficiently quirky. I recently went to Malta for a long weekend - I know Malta quite well, a previous boyfriend (many years ago now) was half Maltese and we travelled there a number of times. But that was more than a decade ago now. This time, a different travelling companion (not R) and a different feel to the trip.

Rabat (simply the Arabic word for 'city') is the ancient Capital of Malta, the former seat of the Maltese ruling classes before the arrival on the islands of the Knights of St John. Now it is rather romantically known as 'the silent city' and, ironically for a place with very few inhabitants, it's major architectural feature is its door knockers - a sample here for your delication...


Ben said...

Pictures of knockers on your blog? For shame! Sorry.

letterbox said...

The door knocker definition according to information sources on the Internet is an item that allows people outside the house to alert people inside of their presence.

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