Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Internet Presence

Over a year ago I decided it was time to build a presence on the internet both personally and for work. Many of the places I have created do not link together because they deal with substantially different things. This blog, however, is intended as the hub of it all so I thought it might be worthwhile gathering it all together in a post.

My internet life has brought a lot of new people into my life and for that I am very grateful and I scorn all those who scorn the idea of meeting real and interesting people through the internet and becoming friends with someone you have never met.

Front Free Endpaper - you're here now. My main blog. In need of a bit of direction perhaps but the place where I can write or post anything.

Silver Birch Junction My writing blog. Not updated for quite a while but a repository for experimental bits and pieces of writing - poetry and prose - some good, some not.

The Agony and the Ecstasy A relatively new blog in a different style: a vaguely curated rolling exhibtion of art and literature inspired by the person and life of Saint Sebastian.

Callum James Books My publishing website. Very proud to finally have this as it enables me a wider circulation than simply selling my books and booklets on ebay.

My Ebay Auctions This is where I make most of my money. I have been a full-time trader on Ebay for some few years now, specialising in books, vintage photographs, artwork and ephemera of all kinds... anything made of paper and I'll sell it!

Collectors' Guide to Samuel R Delany Still unfinished. A project which began as a print booklet, a fact which is still reflected in some of the text. A site of homage to one of my favourite authors

My Gaydar Profile Speaks for itself - be aware you may not want to see this if my naked body will ruin all your illusions!

These things together, along with an active membership of a number of websites and mailing lists make up my internet 'presence'. Building it up over the last few years has been a real pleasure.

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