Thursday, October 12, 2006

Anonymous Nudes

This item, found in an antique shop in Lewes on R's birthday. I thought it was rather nice although not outstanding (the blacking out of the top half of one figure doesn't quite work and overall it is a little cluttered with lines). But of course, rather sexy too. (And so thought the lovely old queen who sold it to me as well).

I can't read the signature. The pencil on the bottom left says only, 'wood engraving'. If anyone visiting here recognises the style I'd be glad to hear.

Have been away too long from this blog. It's a long and boring story about computer viruses and extreme retail therapy but too long and boring to detail here. For those awaiting the next part of R's five pound challenge, just hang-on, it will come but he's still looking for that next item.

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