Monday, September 11, 2006


Two images of the young martyr, Saint Tarcissus. The bottom one I used as the title page device in my edition of the Frederick Rolfe poem. The top image is one I bought just recently.

S. Baring-Gould has this entry on S. Tharsicius (the spelling has always been problematic):

"Tharsicius, an acolyte, was bearing the body of Jesus Christ in the B. Sacrament tot he Christian prisoners during the persecution of Valerian and Gallienus, when he was arrested by the pagan rabble on his way, and asked what he bore so reverently. But he refused to reveal the sacred mystery, whereupon he was assailed by the mob with sticks and stones. He hastily consumed the sacred gift he was bearing and then sank covered with blood on the pavement. The mob rushed on him, tore his arms apart, rent his clothes, and sought, but found nothing. He was taken up by some of the faithful, and buried in the cemetary of S. Calixtus on the Appian Way. A touching picture of his martyrdom has been drawn by Cardinal Wiseman in his story of Fabiola. The sepulchre of S. Tharsicius was adorned and inscribed with an epitaph by Pope S. Damasus." - Lives of the Saints

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Will said...

Yes, the Boy Martyr of Rome. Speaking of which, your books look so beautiful. I'm definitely in the same "collector sans riches" boat -- it makes me sulk a little to see how much I'd need to own even one of Chubb's minor works. My most prized posession at the moment is a first edition of The Princess Zoubaroff, by Ronald Firbank, which a lovely friend gave to me as a present recently. That's it for firsts, but I love all my books, regardless of what editions they're in.

No need to compromise your customer's privacy -- I shall seek out Corvo's fans my own way. Perhaps I should put an ad in the New York Times (one of the few papers Rolfe admired, if you recall from H. VII), announcing the inauguration of a New Order of Sanctissima Sophia -- "All of the pontification, minus the vituperation." That would only work if I could swindle some latter-day Pirie-Gordon into bankrolling the operation. And then we get into the nasty name-calling, all over again...

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