Friday, September 15, 2006

Introducing R's Five Pound Challenge

Well, this blog is nothing if not eclectic...!

R was constantly complaining that we spend huge amounts of time at antiques and collectables fairs and he never buys anything whilst my bags are bulging. At the same time, he does have a habit of looking over my should while I'm listing things on ebay and mumbling things like 'why don't you put this...?' or 'shouldn't you have the word X in the title...?' So, things coming to a head as they do I have issued a challenge.

From five pounds I have given him: how long will it take to raise £500...

On my birthday we were at a fair in Chichester. There he bought the first two items for his challenge. He opted for two postcards (not things I would have picked out so it begins to get interesting!). The first is a fairly ordinary postcard but addressed to a member of the Seaforth Highlanders during the First World War with a wonderfully terse message on the back (see here). The second is a real photo postcard of a female graduate. I couldn't hazard an accurate guess for the date of this photo but it could be early, particularly in terms of women in further education. The Ebay listing is here.

The money so far:
Opening balance = £5.00
Two postcards = £0.75
Ebay listing fees = £0.40
Current Balance = £3.10

With a starting price of £1.99 each, there's a chance of a little profit by the end of the auctions on Sunday.

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Ben said...

Already I'm hooked. Go R! Is it cheating if I bid ten quid for one of the postcards?

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