Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Word Museum

Someone last Christmas gave me a book called The Word Museum. The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten. Some I like:

Blutterbunged Confounded, overcome by surprise. Lincolnshire.

Quackle To interrupt breathing, to choke; from the noise uttered by a person in the act of being choked. Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire.

Gallywow A man destitute of the power of begetting children. Cornwall.

Maw-wallap A filthy, ill-cooked mess of victuals.

Jimp Dainty, well-formed, well-fitting.

Chaser A ram that has only one testicle.

Whiffinger A vagabond.

Thinnify To make thin.

Pussyvan A flurry, temper.

Flarting Mocking, jeering.

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