Monday, August 21, 2006

Why I think R Should Be An Artist

I've been threatening to do this for a while and R is currently away being interviewed for more jobs that he doesn't really want. How do I motivate him to take his artistic talent in hand? Well, here's an idea!

These (poorly photographed) pieces are just some of the work I've found around our flat this evening. From the three large abstract canvasses through the b/w monoprints to the quirky animal pictures at the bottom - to be fair, the bear was painted for me when he was eighteen - but I love all of it.

If anyone reading this likes this stuff too then PLEASE leave a comment or email me (see right hand side of page) to say why you think R should pick up his paintbrushes again...

...before he insists I take this post down again...


porcelain skull said...


r is an artist,

the monochrome piece of the youth by the tree,

i love, just so simple and focused,

and the bear,

hey you,x

Ben said...

I agree. R has no small amount of artistic talent. Hold on to him - this could fund your early retirement!

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