Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Lost Poem

I'm never going to be a great poet. I write reasonable poetry from time to time and that's all. The way it happens is, almost invariably, I find a word or phrases in my head, something that sounds nice, something that 'tastes' and this gestates (or not) into the desire to write a poem. Then I go to sleep. Or at least nearly always I lie in bed and form the word or phrase into an idea and more words or phrases - a baby poem - then I fall asleep. In the morning I write down what I came up with the night before and at some point work more formally on creating a poem. All of this is by-the-bye: what happened a couple of nights ago was that I had, by the time I went to sleep, at least two stanza of a 'baby poem' and I know it was going to be quite good. Then for the first time ever, I couldn't remember the first thing about it in the morning. This has disturbed me ever since. I don't know what the poem was about, what the words were I had found, what the images looked like. I just know there was a poem and now there is not. It's like knowing you have had a vivid dream but not being able to remember it...

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