Monday, July 17, 2006

Wall and Self Portrait

From time to time Dennis Cooper runs themed days where he asks people to send in photos/artwork on a particular theme. Two I missed recently were the 'interiors' day (asking people to send in a picture of the space they live in) and 'self-portrait (younger)' day which is fairly self-explanitory. It struck me that one picture of the wall I look at while I'm sitting at my desk would cover both... The wallpaper is not my choice, we've only recently moved in and the decorating hasn't got as far as my study yet.

Key to the wall: two photos bought years ago from ebay (top two); b/w photo of flower head by my partner (middle left); photo of swan fountain in local park (middle); old photo postcard of St Mark's Square in Venice (middle right); b/w photo of poppy seed head by me (bottom right); acrylic self portrait in black and gold of me as a boy from a photo by my dad (far bottom right); one-off book I'm making and may never finish aenigmata divina based on part of a sermon by John Donne (mantlepiece left)... the rest is rubbish...

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